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Swinging frame

Quality counts

The chopped material flows efficiently and at a high throughput rate. From the header, to the unique swinging frame for the intake, to the six feed rollers, to the large closed cutterhead, to the powerful discharge system, the Fendt Katana has been designed for high output. The refined technology of the chopping units also guarantees maximum quality of the chopped material.

Intelligent coupling with the swinging frame

Headers are coupled to the unique Fendt swinging frame. It is support on three rolls and is actively controlled via a cylinder that is coupled with sensors on the maize header. The pivot point is located in the centre of the feed channel. The advantage is that even when the header is tilted, the cross-section remains nearly the same size and the crop is fed uniformly to the feed rollers.

Swinging frame swung out

Swinging frame in middle position

Swinging frame swung out

Spot IconThe header is coupled to an innovative swinging frame. It actively swings on three rollers and a cylinder above the frame and adjusts itself to the position of the header. The pivot point in this ingenious system lies in the centre of the feed channel; when the frame swings, the cross-section remains almost the same size and the crop flows uniformly to the feed rollers.

Perfect on the ground

The maize header is available with either eight, ten or twelve rows. The cutting height can be preselected using the Varioterminal. Assisted by feelers, the header actively follows the contours of the ground and keeps the height of the header constant, both laterally and longitudinally. The three metre wide pick-up features active ground pressure control. Even at high speeds, the pick-up automatically adjusts to ground contours using two gauge wheels, so grass is picked up completely.

Feed rollers

Six feed rollers for high compression

The six hydraulically driven feed rollers guide the crop uniformly to the cutterhead. A spring assembly creates high compression for a precise cut. The cutting length is infinitely adjustable from 4 to 42 mm, which allows an optimum cutting length to be set, for example, for fodder or use in biogas facilities.

In case of emergencies

There is a large distance between the metal detector and the cutterhead to allow for enough time to detect metal objects, even with long cutting lengths. If foreign objects enter the feed area, the main drive stops immediately, completely automatically.

Big, ingenious and flexible

Always razor sharp

The automatic knife sharpening system quickly returns the hardened knives to their full sharpness. The whetstone for the knives is readjusted on both sides, so the knives are sharpened uniformly. The sharpening time can be conveniently adjusted in the Varioterminal.

Uniform crop flow and best chopping results

Pivoting V-Cracker

Spot IconWhen switching between crops, for example from maize to grass and vice versa, the V-Cracker can remain in the machine for short periods. The V-Cracker can be quickly rotated back behind the discharge blower electrohydraulically. To prevent bearing wear caused by shock loads and vibrations, the belts continue to drive the V-Cracker without function. This rotating procedure can be preset in the Varioterminal and then conveniently triggered per pushbutton located in the maintenance area, when required. The grass chute is then automatically brought into position. Removing the V-Cracker is also very easy, since the maintenance area has plenty of space for accessibility.

Optimum adjustment to crop

Precompression can be adjusted in six stages in the Varioterminal. This allows the cracker rollers to react optimally to the consistency and volume of the crop. This guarantees optimum crop flow with outstanding kernel processing.

Everything must go

Save power

The discharge blower, an open rotor with upright v-shaped elements, moves the crop to the trailer efficiently. The decisive factor for optimum unloading capacity and discharge distance is the right setting for the blower. Fuel consumption is kept at a minimum thanks to the efficient discharge system.

Monitoring and safety

Using the standard specification camera, operators can monitor the filling level in the transport vehicle from a screen in the cab of the forage harvester. Furthermore, an optional transmitter unit on the screen of the forage harvester can transmit the camera image to an external receiver unit. When reversing, the camera image in the forage harvester is automatically switched to the standard-equipped reversing camera.

Flexible discharge chute

The discharge chute on the Fendt Katana can be rotated 210° and quickly changed over to the other side of the machine for unloading without a problem. The speed at which it rotates can be preselected in the Varioterminal and adapted to the prevailing harvesting conditions. The height can be adjusted hydraulically to up to six meters and even the highest transport vehicles can be loaded. Thanks to the excellent view to the discharge area, it is possible to fill the trailer precisely.

Loading height

Even with an unloading height of up to six metres, operators have the chute flap in full view. Optionally, the discharge chute can be extended, to permit the loading vehicle to be filled optimally, even with wide headers.

Powerful and highly efficient

  • Powerful and highly efficient

    The engines from Mercedes-Benz and MTU, offer power, durability and reliability. With the SCR technology for exhaust after-treatment, the Fendt Katana 65 achieves high fuel-efficiency while at the same time maximising performance. In operations that require less power, such as in grass, the ECO drive mode guarantees even lower fuel consumption.
  • Move ahead on all paths

    The Fendt Katana has traction in difficult ground conditions. The hydrostatic drive for the steering and drive axles controls the oil volume and can distribute it to all four wheels in the field. Electronic anti-slip control on the drive axle adjusts the wheel torque to the ground conditions, which minimises front wheel slip. The differential lock on the steering axle prevents the rear wheels from spinning. Four-wheel drive is standard specification on the Fendt forage harvester. The excellent steering angle of the axle ensures excellent manoeuvrability.
  • Everything in motion

    Thanks to the hydrostatic drive, the speed of the header can be regulated independent of each other and can be optimally adjusted to the prevailing conditions. The cutterhead, the V-Cracker and the discharge blower are driven by a belt drive.

A ground drive that is always just right

The hydrostatic drive on the Fendt Katana, together with the innovative engine technology and electronics, guarantees highly efficient operations. The front axle is driven by independent wheel motors with integral brakes. This space-saving design creates space for the all-important large-sized chopping units.

Powerful engine

Always the right temperature

The reliable cooling system, always keeps the longitudinally mounted engine running in the optimum temperature range. The intake areas of the large cooling unit are continually cleaned through active dust extraction, so there is no build-up to obstruct air intake. You benefit from long maintenance intervals.

The new MTU engine delivers precisely the performance characteristics that powerful forage harvester operations demand. The 21-litre V12 engine delivers a massive 850 hp, and already complies with TIER4 Final emissions regulations. The engine does not require additional resources, such as AdBlue®.

Always the right speed

The maximum output control automatically adjusts ground speed to match the harvesting and crop conditions. Engine power is optimally utilised to achieve maximum output. Machine utilisation is clearly displayed in the Varioterminal.

Spot IconThe automatic maximum output control automatically controls the forward ground speed of the Fendt Katana dependent on the crop density.

Save some power

FENDT Eco-/Power-Modi

Spot IconFull engine power is not always required. When doing light work, such as in grass, the Eco mode is activated, which reduces the engine speed from 2,000 to a fuel-saving 1,600 rpm. The working speed of the feeding system, the drum and the discharge system remain constant, which maintains a high cutting frequency and results in optimal throughput.

40 km/h with full suspension

Spot IconWhen driving on the road, the oil volume from the steering axle is transferred to the front drive wheels, so the machine moves forward faster. The hydraulic suspension on the rear axle is unique and provides high ride comfort in the field and on the road. You can fully utilise the 40 km/h transport speed and the machine can be moved from site to site faster.

The rear axle has suspension to absorb shock loads in the field and on the road. That protects both the operator and the machine.
The Fendt Katana has traction in difficult ground conditions. The hydrostatic drive for the steering and drive axles controls the oil volume and can distribute it to all four wheels in the field. Electronic anti-slip control on the drive axle adjusts the wheel torque to the ground conditions, which minimises front wheel slip. The differential lock on the steering axle prevents the rear wheels from spinning. Four-wheel drive is standard specification on the Fendt forage harvester. The excellent steering angle of the axle ensures excellent manoeuvrability.

Excellent accessibility

Spot IconThanks to excellent accessibility, maintenance work can be carried out swiftly. The large side panels open easily via parallelogram-type linkage. The rear mudguards can be removed easily, without requiring tools, to permit perfect access to the engine. The maintenance platform between the chopping unit and the engine is very generously dimensioned. The fold-down ladder is practical and provides easy access to the hydraulic and driveline components. The intervals for the central lubrication system can be set using the Varioterminal.

Always in operation

Spare parts are always available

Fendt offers you professional service and constantly sets standards in the industry in this area. Through regularly held training programmes, the service personnel is trained to provide for a good spare parts inventory and to keep the machines in operation during the harvest at all times. Fendt and its dealers are ready to give you the best service possible for your investment.

Generously dimensioned and ergonomically designed

The Visio5 cab provides extra ergonomics and operating comfort, extra visibility and illumination and, most of all, extra space. Operator ergonomics have been exceptionally well implemented in the generously sized cab – from the legroom to the perfectly designed multi-function joystick. The large glazed areas give operators an outstanding view to the header and the entire discharge area of the discharge chute.

Best visibility – day or night

Ideal visibility

All-round visibility from the cab is guaranteed. The large glazed areas in the cab provide an unobstructed view to the header as well as the feed and discharge areas, which makes adjusting the machine much easier. The engine on the Katana is mounted longitudinally so it can be positioned lower, which allows low sightlines towards the rear of the machine. This gives operators a perfect view in all directions.

See even more

With the camera, you have even more in view. When driving forwards, the screen in the cab displays the image from the camera on the discharge chute, so that the trailer can be filled perfectly and uniformly. When reversing, the screen automatically switches to the rear camera so that the operator can see any possible obstacles behind the machine. That significantly increases safety.

Light at night

In forage harvester operations, every single minute counts, day or night. The extensive lighting concept provides bright and far-reaching illumination around the Fendt Katana, so that work can continue, even when it is dark outside. The wide steps are illuminated to allow safe climbing up and down from the machine.

The Varioterminal

The Varioterminal, very popular with users, has been adopted in the forage harvester and adapted to its operating philosophy. It can be operated either with the touchscreen or the keys and rotary control. The menu has been designed for ease of operation and has a flat and intuitive menu hierarchy. The conveniently placed 4-way keys on the multi-function joystick allow convenient adjustment of the most important cutting functions.

Varioterminal screen on the road

When driving on the road, the ground speed and engine speed, the fill levels for diesel and AdBlue, as well as the temperature, support wheel function and fuel consumption can be monitored in the terminal.

Varioterminal screen in the field

Information about the utilisation of the forage harvester, cutting length, header and feed roller speed as well as the preselected working and lifting heights for the header are clearly displayed here.

Precise control

Varioterminal well-structured

Operators always have the most important information in view in the large Varioterminal. The most important information, such as direction of travel, fuel consumption, header position or cruise control, is always clearly in view in the upper right quarter. The toggle switches in the right-hand navigation bar lead directly to the individual menus. These include, for example, the settings for the forage harvester, header height and cutting length as well as job management.

Membrane keypad within easy reach

Spot IconThe membrane keypad is located directly in the armrest and is used to operate the hand brake, field/road driving modes and ECO/Power modes, activating the cutting unit, the engine speed, header on/off, position of the discharge chute, additional silage additive and rear axle suspension on/off.

40-knife cutterhead

A higher output pays off

The combination of 40 knives and the large 720-mm diameter of the cutterhead permits a very high cutting frequency and delivers an outstanding quality of the chopped material. Compared to the standard drum, the 40-knife drum achieves a higher output, especially with short cutting lengths. This guarantees a clean and thorough cut, even with large quantities of material. Uniformly cut material is marked by fewer overlengths, can be compressed well and is ideal for silage making. The 40-knife drum is available as an option for the Fendt Katana 65 and 85.

VarioDoc yield measurement

Output and performance at a glance

The VarioDoc yield and output measuring software measures the quantity harvested on the worked field, as well as the chopping output in tonnes per hour. This allows you to estimate how well you have utilised the performance of the forage harvester and also gives you an overview of how much material you have loaded onto the transport vehicle. Based on this output information, you can adjust the harvester settings for the best results for the particular requirements. That increases the profitability of forage harvesting operations and ultimately reduces the costs per operating hour. The information on the quantity that has been harvested permits targeted planning of varieties and fertilisers. The system is calibrated by simple counterchecking of the weight and automatic calculation of the density of the chopped material. VarioDoc yield measuring is integrated as standard in every Fendt Katana.

Targeted documentation and calculation

The Fendt VarioDoc documentation software simplifies the entire field management process by recording data such as worked area, fuel consumption and working time. Integral VarioDoc yield measurement enables precise billing based on the amount of material that has been chopped. All the information required for completing the job is logged directly with VarioDoc and transferred wirelessly to the field database. New jobs can be transferred to the Varioterminal and can be executed directly from there.

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